Utility Patrols

Helicopters are a great resource when it comes to Utility Patrols. Companies and agencies often use helicopters for power line or pipeline patrols and maintenance. Because these areas are so vast, travel by aircraft is the most efficient means to get these jobs done, and the advantage to using helicopters over airplanes is simply that we can get into areas that airplanes cannot. We do not need large open areas to land, and can often fit into tight spaces in remote terrain that would make these jobs very difficult. 


Be sure you choose wisely when you hire a company to do your utility patrols. We own and operate our own aircraft and you will work with us directly, rather than a company that acts as a middleman. We have extensive experience flying powlines and buried gas lines, as well as experience in communications tower support, livestock location and round-up, and many other kinds of commercial helicopter utility services. If you have a difficult or remote job to do that you think would be accessible by helicopter, you are very likely correct.


Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will see what we can do to help you make it happen. We have worked with many surveyors, technicians, and ranchers over the years and have the local knowledge and mountain flying experience to get the job done.

Helicopter power line patrol in Colorado
Power Line Patrols on the Western Slope