Oil & Gas Survey

The Intermountain West is the new frontier for Oil & Gas exploration in the United States. At Zephyr Helicopter, we are intimately familiar with the need for domestic resources, and all that goes into pipeline surveying, exploration and production. We have been working for Oil & Gas companies across the state of Colorado and into Wyoming and Utah for the last 2 decades, and we understand the needs of the surveyors and producers. Whether you need our services for wildlife impact surveys, archeological transect inspections, transport of executives, land demarcation assistance, or any other aspect of the project, we are available to help.


Our familiarity with the mountainous terrain in the region, the various Oil & Gas deposits in the area, and our experience working at altitude makes us the right choice for the job. Call us today to discuss your needs, we look forward to speaking with you!

Oil & Gas Helicopter Survey in Colorado
Colorado Helicopter Survey