Helicopter Pipeline Inspection

Zephyr Helicopter has been conducting pipeline surveys for oil and gas operations in the Mountainous West using the latest technology. We fly the lines to check their integrity, detecting any leaks and the intensity of such a leak while recording all the details of the compromised line such as location, time, date, PPM leakage, right of way concerns etc. 


We provide the aircraft, fuel truck (if necessary), the detection system, and will deliver data throughout the pipeline patrol. We will provide the laser technician to run the detection equipment during the pipeline patrol flight. 


Prior to beginning any inspection, we will load precise line location maps (provided by you), eliminating the need for you to provide a lineman. 


We have a number of FAA pre-approved mounts and equipment available to suit all of your inspection needs. We have access to Lidar, Boreal, and Infrared Systems from trusted partners in the industry and have extensive experience in the H.P. Gas Pipeline flying environments.

The time, cost savings, and increased safety factors to the gas companies who are using this technology are significant. Call us today for an estimate. 

Buried gas line leak detection via helicopter
Buried gas line leak detection via helicopter