Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I secure a flight date?

A: In order to secure your reservation, we will need a credit card pre-authorization for the estimated billing of the job. This will hold your spot and also guarantee that we will be paid. If you need to cancel, please do so prior to 24 hours in advance of your flight time. If you cancel within 24 hours of your flight time, or do not show up for your scheduled flight time, a cancellation fee will apply. Please note that we no longer take American Express.


Q: What kind of aircraft do you fly?

A: We fly a Bell 206L-3, also known as a Long Ranger. The Long Ranger is a seven place single engine turbine helicopter that is certified for day and night VFR flight, and it is one of the safest aircraft in the business. The 206 is suited for high altitude flight, and can land on and take off from any reasonably flat surface. Our aircraft can accommodate 4-5 average-sized adults in addition to the pilot.


Q: How far can you fly before refueling?

A: That depends on how much weight we are carrying. If we are carrying a light load, we will have more weight available for fuel and can fly long distances before refueling. If the load of passengers and cargo is heavy, we cannot put much fuel on board and will have to refuel more frequently.


Q: What do you mean by "flight weight"?

A: Your flight weight is your body weight including all clothing, camera equipment, and personal cargo such as a computer bag or purse.


Q: Can you provide a fuel truck for our job?

A: Yes. Zephyr Helicopter can provide a fuel truck and driver on site for some of the more remote locations to allow for convenient refueling during your job. Please keep in mind that fuel truck fees will be charged in addition to our hourly charter rate.


Q: Can you provide crewmembers for our job, if necessary?

A: Absolutely. We have a highly trained helicopter crew that can assist you in flight or on the ground to accommodate your job. Whether you need us for Landing Zone management, crowd control, Search & Rescue missions, hot loading and unloading, or any other aspect of your job, we can provide as many crewmembers as necessary.


Q: Do you have a camera mount for aerial videography?

A: Our aircraft is type certificated for a Tyler Mount, and we can provide install and uninstall services with our Certified A&P Mechanic (charges will apply). We can also help facilitate the equipment rental through MP&E in Denver. Because we already have the STC for this mount, it is the easiest to work with however if you require a different mount, we can help with the paperwork and approval process. The customer will be responsible for any certification fees associated with a different mount. 


Q: Do you have to shut down the helicopter before we get in or out of it?

A: While we prefer to have all passengers load and unload while the aircraft is shut down, some missions require quick transitions between loads and passengers will be moving around an operating aircraft. If this is required, you will receive a safety briefing prior to your flight that instructs you specifically on how to do this. Please listen carefully, as these instructions are very important to your safety. 


Q: Are children allowed in the helicopter?

A: Well behaved children 2 years and older are welcome in our helicopter under adult supervision. 


Q: What if I get airsick?

A: Airsickness is rare in helicopter flight, however if you should feel ill, please notify your pilot and he will do what he can to make you more comfortable. We always carry extra bottles of water and air sickness bags, and we will let you know where to find these during your safety briefing. When looking through a viewfinder of a camera or binoculars for an extended period of time, one can begin to feel ill. Find a spot on the horizon (rather than on the ground) and focus on that while breathing deeply.