Rain, rain, go away...

Matt Helm finds the beauty after the storm
Matt Helm finds the beauty after the storm

What have we been up to lately? Waiting for the storm to pass...pretty much every day for weeks now. After the driest January on record for Steamboat Springs, we are in the running for the wettest May. We all thought it would be an early, dry spring after the meager winter we had just gone through, and we were ready to get outside and play -- dirt bikes and Harleys for John, mountain bikes and kayaks for me. And we were ready to fly! We've got lots of work lined up as soon as the weather lets us in. But in the meantime I'm answering calls and emails asking for weather predictions and tentative fly dates, all while the sky continues to pour and lightning strikes around the airport. It will be green and gorgeous once the sun decides to make an extended appearance. Until then, don't forget to pack your rain coat (and your down jacket, and your ski hat and your hot coffee). Over it.

If you want to see more incredible photography like the image above, head over to Matt Helm's facebook page. You can buy reasonably priced prints straight off the website or contact him for other photos you'd like to see and purchase here: Matt Helm Photography

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    We as a entire idea it would be an early on, dry spring after the disgraceful chill we had lately experienced, and we were ready to get outside.

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